60 Best DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

60 Best Halloween Decoration Ideas (47)

Halloween is a chance for kids and adults alike to enjoy seasonal, spooky fun. Find the perfect scary Halloween decorations Indoor Ideas. In keeping with this festive atmosphere, millions of Americans choose to decorate their homes to celebrate. Looking to spruce up the place for your big Halloween party? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! We carry a large assortment of Halloween decorations, including props, ornaments, and lighting to help craft the perfect experience for your spooky get together. From the grotesque to the delightfully cute, there’s a decoration that’s perfect for any Halloween experience.

Create the best haunt on the block with Halloween decorations from Oriental Trading! We’ve got everything you need to haunt your home, inside and out, plus Halloween party decorations and supplies. Looking for haunted house ideas? You’ll find all the scary Halloween decorations needed to create the neighborhood’s best Halloween haunted house right here and at prices that won’t make you run away in fright.

While many families spend a considerable amount of money on store-bought Halloween decorations for their homes, the holiday offers plenty of opportunities for families to make a variety of decorations. For anyone who is willing to get creative, Halloween decorations can work in almost every room of the house. And by using common household items to make these creations, kids who are old enough can work alongside their parents to make these exciting decorations.

Get ready to scare up some screams! You’ll love our scary yard decorations like zombies, witches, specialty skeletons, such as animals, pirates and even a mermaid, and so much more! We also have easy to hang, if you’ll pardon the pun, decorations like the Hanging Scarecrow, the Severed Hanging Torso and the Giant Spider Web. If you’re looking for the creepiest way to add a little ambiance to your haunted house, porch or Halloween party, look no further than our lighting and special effects department! From strobe lights, to metal luminaries and fog machines, we have exactly what you need to create a spooky scene.

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design Ideas – How to “Expose” Unique Personality in the Room

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design Ideas - How to "Expose" Unique Personality in the Room

Industrial bedroom design is one way to arrange a bedroom that can show your unique personality and character.

Industrial interior style is no longer something foreign. Industrial-style interiors are generally applied to spacious housing. The interior that is identical to the atmosphere of a warehouse or factory and iron and concrete material has a masculine and cold impression. This masculine industrial interior design is often used for interior design and cafe architecture, restaurants, and office interiors. Not only suitable for family rooms and kitchens, this industrial style can also be applied as a bedroom interior. The appearance is unique, modern, and has a strong distinctive character, making this design always give its own impression.

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design Ideas How to Expose Unique Personality in the Room - source: Cathy Poshusta GRIT Polish

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design Ideas How to Expose Unique Personality in the Room – source: Cathy Poshusta GRIT Polish

Lovers of industrial style certainly can also bring this style to be applied to spaces in the home, including the bedroom. With the arrangement, use of colors, lighting, and the right choice of ornaments, industrial style can make the bedroom feel more comfortable and very personal. The following interior design can be tried in your bedroom.

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design Ideas How to Expose Unique Personality in the Room

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design Ideas How to Expose Unique Personality in the Room

To present the style of industrial interior design in the bedroom, to personalize the private area to make it look more authentic and unique, note the following:

Expose, Ways to Design Industrial Bedrooms

Industrial itself is a design that focuses on exposure to building structures such as pipes, wood or steel, ceilings, etc. In addition to openly displaying building structures, industrial style is also synonymous with exposure to building materials, such as highlighting cement, brick and / or wood.

Although each material is deliberately displayed to show its original character, there are also those that show a different look. The use of bright colors that are similar can also be used to give a strong industrial impression. You do this by painting bricks of the same color but brighter.

To get an industrial-style exposed bedroom, you can start from the room wall. Let your walls look rough with exposed brick or rough cement without plaster. However, if you want to get a neater and firmer industrial impression, repaint the cement wall in gray. Ash is the favorite choice for the appearance of an industrial style room.

Floors Are Suitable For Industrial Bedroom Designs

Industrial style tends to use dark colors as the main color scheme. And for the industrial-style bedroom floor, the gray cement floor is also the best choice. However, if the bedroom floor has been using ceramic tiles, you can work around this by installing plain gray carpet types, or you can also choose patterned strokes of cement and or wood.

Low Beds in Industrial Bedroom Designs

In other rooms such as in the kitchen or living room area, you can freely express your choice of industrial interior styles. However, it’s a little different if you try it for a bedroom room. In this very personal room, you have to display a rather soft indutrial atmosphere and nuance, aka soft. As we know, the main function of the bedroom is the area for sleeping and resting. Therefore, the bedroom should be designed soft and comfortable as a place to rest. Industrial decoration that can be applied to the bedroom is to use a low bed. The low bed, creates a simple, neat, warm and comfortable feel.

Furniture & Ornaments in Industrial Bedroom Designs

One of the biggest advantages of using industrial interior design styles is; budget-saving decoration. To achieve the appearance of an industrial-style room you simply rely on a little creativity and the spirit of “DIY” changes the furniture and items that are not used by the re-cycle or up-cycle method. You can create used pipes into a unique industrial-style shelf. Or brick or brick into a table. Or other DIY ideas. With that, you can have a unique, personal and economical form of furniture. As the final touch of an industrial bedroom sweetener, you can add ornaments to the bedroom area. Bring sweet wall decorations, such as paintings, photos or inspirational quotes. In addition, the presence of plants such as cactus and lighting from hanging bulbs are also able to become unique ornaments that will beautify industrial-style bedrooms.

In addition to an explanation of how Industrial Bedroom Design; How to “Expose” Unique Personality in the Room, we will also share some descriptions of the interior design of the bedrooms below:

Interior of the Industrial Bedroom Dominates in White

If in general the interior of an industrial bedroom is dominated by gray or brown, the design of this room is actually dominated by white. Although different, the distinctive features of the industrial interior. Starting from the exposed brick walls, to the spotlights on the bed lined up.

Industrial bedroom interior with wooden pallet bed

This industrial-style bedroom interior looks comfortable even though it is only small in size. Exposed concrete walls and wood floors are quite commonly found in industrial bedroom designs in general. The uniqueness of this industrial bedroom lies precisely in its bed which is made from a arrangement of wooden pallets and the symmetrical carpet placed.

Industrial bedroom interior with wood material and air duct pipes

The interior of an industrial bedroom is an adaptation of the interior of a factory or warehouse. No wonder you will often find air ducts in the industrial interior.

This one bedroom does not look masculine like an industrial bedroom in general because it is dominated by wood material on the ceiling, floor and furniture. Look beautiful, huh?

Happy decorating...

The Best Industrial Table Designs, Masculine & Attractive Views in Modern Houses

The Best Industrial Table Designs, Masculine & Attractive Views in Modern Houses

Industrial-style table design features iron-legged wooden tables. A combination of two main materials that showcase the distinctive style and iconic industrial style interior.

watonmuni.com Industrial is an interior style that originally emerged and became popular in Europe when many former factory buildings were no longer used. From these unused buildings, the idea came to renovate again without removing the original character. This former factory building was used as a residence and became known as the loft.

Industrial is a style that emerges from the idea of decorating a typical ex-factory-style exposed building. This style is synonymous with a masculine, unfinished appearance and emphasizes the use of dark and monochrome colors.

Industrial style is now popular as a style of interior design that is widely applied to cafes, barbershops, and residential homes. Industrial touches are now much in demand as one of the most popular interior styles applied to modern dwellings.Industrial style is now popular as a style of interior design that is widely applied to cafes, barbershops, and residential homes. Industrial touches are now much in demand as one of the most popular interior styles applied to modern dwellings.

There are many ways to decorate a room so that it has a unique industrial style appearance. Among other things by using various furniture or furniture that is appropriate. The table is one of them.

Here are some tips for choosing and using an industrial-style table that can give you an industrial-style space or interior appearance.

Industrial Table Design; Pay attention to the room

For small room sizes, you should choose a table that is not too large. The existence of a large table will only make the room feel cramped. There are various sizes of tables from the largest to the most mini, you just adjust to the needs, especially the size of the room.

Industrial Table Design; Table shape

A rectangular table placed in a narrow room will instead take up space and make it look crowded. Therefore, you need to avoid large and elongated tables in small spaces.

Choose an oval or round table. Oval and round shaped tables will make the room feel wider because there are more empty areas. The room will not look crowded. So that the industrial impression on the choice of tables can be seen, select and use a table with wood and iron legged material.

Industrial Table Design; Material

Hardwood or pure hardwood is a material that can be used for industrial style tables, such as mahogany, walnut, maple and teak. Avoid using a table with composite material or a combination such as MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). MDF is indeed a cheaper material, because it is a mixture of compressed hard and fine wood. But unfortunately this material is not durable, not sturdy and less suitable to represent industrial style.

picture: Pinterest.com


Best Industrial Chair – 5 Reasons You Must Use Bar Stools!

Best Industrial Chair right height (2)

Bar stools are furniture that feels right to support industrial-style home designs. What makes it even more unique is the look like ‘it’s not finished’ that it has. This design has been widely applied in cozy cafes that are subscribed to by young people. Well, this industrial home display is also supported by industrial-style furniture. Bar stools are one of the most supporting furniture in this style. I wonder why? Let’s find out!

The bar stool has the right height for the counter table

The open kitchen design that is directly integrated into the dining area is a favorite choice for industrial-style homes. Counter table as a dining table is also the most widely used partner for this kitchen design. No wonder, considering the counter helps reduce the area used. The room also feels wider.

The best friend of your kitchen counter, of course, is a bar chair. Different from other chair designs such as armchairs and armchairs, bar stools are designed high and slim.

The bar stool allows you to sit around the counter table

Comfort may be the attraction of the sofa and armchair, but the bar stool also has its own plus. With its tall and sleek design, you can sit comfortably around the counter table. The time to cook and eat is even more fun because loved ones can accompany you.

Cool bar chair design

Bar chair design is also one of the coolest furniture you can have to decorate the kitchen area at home. It feels like the presence of this bar stool can conjure up the kitchen area in the house like the famous cafes out there. It’s like having a private café at home that is only specific to you and your family to use!

Bar stools give more space


Because of the slim and tall bar stool design, you can have more space in your kitchen area. More family members or friends can gather around your kitchen table. When you cook it becomes more cheerful accompanied by loved ones.

Bar stools provide warmth in the dining room

The presence of bar stools is able to give a ‘welcome’ message, which makes everyone, both family members and people who come to visit home feel warmly welcomed. A pair of bar chairs and counter tables in the dining room as well as the kitchen of your home can warm the atmosphere in the house.

Picture: Pinterest.com


Industrial Style House Design Concept

Industrial Style House Design Concept

Industrial-style home design is a matter of exposure and exhibiting structural components and building elements.

watonmuni.com – Everything requires courage. Even so with the use of industrial design styles for home interiors. The application of this interior concept in the house certainly requires courage.

Industrial style is often regarded as a unique style that is synonymous with an interior style that is widely applied to cafes or some commercial buildings, such as office spaces. As for residential buildings, it is very rarely used.

Industrial is a matter of exposure. Structural elements of a building on display. Showing a look that seemed half-finished, unfinished, but looked very cohesive and edgy.

But nowadays, houses with interior industrial concepts are commonly used. Houses with the industrial style that show firmness and are identical with the use of metal-based materials and elements, gold and copper, exposed brick walls, cement or concrete floors, or even terracotta, which clearly display unfinished impressions, have begun to be adopted and recommended for residential buildings.

The industrial interior style itself is born from the need to convert an old building such as a factory or an old barn into a residence or a very conducive and comfortable place to live. Designing old buildings like that shows adequate technical and mechanical ingenuity.

The industrial design gives you the opportunity to juxtapose and combine raw structural materials with smooth ones, look very sleek and modern with a vintage accent that also feels strong.

Modern industrial interior decoration also brings the concept of open space to the next level. The furniture and accessories define most spaces of purpose and function.

This interior concept also has a minimalist tendency. A room with a dramatic feel and a contrasting look of metal, a table, plus additional rustic or vintage furniture.

If there is a characteristic that is very distinctive in industrial design style, it is a matter of roof or ceiling.

The industrial-style interior visually looks firmly visible from the ceiling. Open ceilings that show structural elements into a feature that is very prominent, and shows the idea of a space that looks very attractive. This is generality in this style of interior design.

Pipelines on the ceiling show unique and unique visual dimensions that are not seen in other interior concepts.

Considering the renovation of a house to have an industrial-style look, you must first evaluate it; the first is to recognize exactly the appearance and style of the interior as what was shown before. Then, after that, you have to really understand and recognize any basic elements of industrial design that are commonly used.

Pipes, Beams and Open Ceilings

This is truly a characteristic of industrial interior design.

Leaving open structural and mechanical elements; which in other interior styles are always hidden, becoming one of the boldest steps. The issue of exposure to these structural elements has long been a very unique and favored thing in terms of interior arrangement, especially in the interiors of modern homes.

Combination of Wood and Metal

The interaction of wood texture with rough surfaces and shiny metal or metal, slightly black, golden, or copper is another characteristic of industrial design. This combination of metal and wood will have an unexpected impact on every space in the house.

Chrome accents on table legs, plus typical rustic wood, are visualization of industrial furniture that you must have if you want a unique and attractive industrial-style atmosphere.

Color Options

To get an industrial atmosphere, dark black choices work very well. Or also the color of ash and firm neutral colors also really help bring warmth and distinctiveness to industrial style.

Ash is usually a favorite choice towards the appearance of an industrial-style room.


Exposed brick walls are an amazing feature of industrial style. The inherent peculiarities show that visualization is very attractive.

This exposed brick wall is even adapted to other interior styles.


To keep an eye on the nuances of the industry, many industrial-style houses choose and use polished concrete floors. This is a practical and economical choice, which fits perfectly with the theme.

Roughness, imperfections, and patches can make a little difference. And the effect is amazing.

While for those of you who want to add some contrast and warmth into an industrial-style interior, the choice of wood or stone material is a careful thing. Both floor material choices are also able to work very well in this unique interior.


This is a challenging aspect, but there are a lot of lighting options available today.

Installation of lights or lighting is used freely in all industrial-style rooms. Track lights are the best choice for ambient lighting.


All exposed structural elements will not mean much if they are not matched by the soft touch of some decoration and the use of typical industrial-style furniture. Luxurious sofas, pillows, or even carpets, can provide a contrasting and attractive visual balance.

Or plants. He can also bring warmth and freshness into the homes of contemporary industrial styles.

Cozy seating design on the back porch

Cozy seating design on the back porch

If you want to relax with a choice of wooden chairs or sofas, I will tell you a little about the best choices because wooden chairs never look boring if used to sweeten the interior of the house. Now wooden chairs are also available in various models and prices. Let’s look at every choice of wooden chairs watonmuni.com!

6 best choices about the design of chairs on the back porch. That’s our choice that I got from my friend’s picture. Here I choose the idea of ​​a chair with materials made of wood with elegant color wrapping with one color or a variety of color choices.

40+ Best Barn Door Design Ideas

Best Barn Door Design Ideas (17)

Want to have a house with a warehouse door design that has a beautiful and attractive appearance? Now in this article I will share some ideas about the best warehouse doors that I have chosen for you.

The warehouse door is the beginning before we enter the warehouse, it is the one that makes us interested if we want to enter it. In addition, the design of the barn door is also great for the design of our home doors, there’s no harm in trying to pass ideas and inspiration that I share. We can do a lot as long as we want to try and find the idea. Hopefully this article can help to find the idea that you are looking for. Thank you for visiting our website, if you want to share or just ask, please contact us directly. Enjoy and follow the updates from us.

30+ Cool Container House Plans Design Ideas

Best Container House Plans Design Ideas (2)

Making use of containers as a home is a lot of creativity that is done in many countries today. Do you want to find inspiration and ideas about how to make it?

Okay we just go because with some of the following pictures which are unique and best design houses using containers. I have chosen this picture for you. If you are interested in this article, you can give suggestions and criticism for us to be able to make extraordinary designs. I say thank you for your cooperation and congratulations to enjoy friends !!!

30+ Unique Front Door Colors Design Ideas

Best Front Door Colors Design Ideas (2)

Having a unique, funny and interesting door is everyone’s dream. Colorful is one that illustrates that we or the person in it seems happy.

Start at the door first to start the day or finish the day. In the morning we leave the house vigorously according to our favorite color to make us a flower and when we finish the day we are happy to enter the house with joy. Color your day from the beginning like the terms of entrance and exit.
Hopefully, these images can inspire you. Enjoy friends !!!