Amazing Summer Trip in Zermatt, Swiss

Amazing Summer Trip In Zermatt, Swiss (14)

What is Zermatt like in the summer? I know that it situated high on the Alps, so can I expect to see snow? Sorry if this sounds silly but I am trying to gauge a picture of what the resort would be like. Could I just window shop and hang out in parks/bars/cafes or any interesting place? Romantic, scenic, touristy, charming, quaint, naturally beautiful; it’s hard to imagine that a small mountain town can be all of these, but  Zermatt is just that… and a whole lot more.

Zermatt is a cute, little alpine resort town in Switzerland. You might have heard of it…or maybe you have heard of its prized possession, the Matterhorn? Either way, if you are headed to Switzerland, you will definitely want to add Zermatt to your itinerary. Whether or not you ski and no matter if you visit during the winter or the summer, there’s plenty to keep you busy and these are the best things to do in Zermatt!

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