Cool Summer Trip in Sapporo, Japan

Cool Summer Trip In Sapporo, Japan (17)

From June to August, events for enjoying Sapporo’s short summer are packed with people. Hokkaido has no sticky and humid rainy season like the main island of Honshu, so one of Sapporo’s draws is its comfortable summertime weather. While on some days it can be hot during the daytime even in a t-shirt, the wind at night can be chilly, so be sure to bring a thin long sleeve shirt. There’s no better introduction to Hokkaido than its biggest city, Sapporo.

That’s not to say a visit to Sapporo as any less appealing. What Sapporo lacks in ancient history it makes up for by painting a compelling portrait of modern Japan. Through and through, it’s a Japanese city par excellence, delighting with its food & drink, shopping, and nightlife as well as any town of its stature. Here are my picks most recommended tours and activities in Sapporo during Spring and Summer!

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