Industrial Bedroom Interior Design Ideas – How to “Expose” Unique Personality in the Room

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design Ideas - How to "Expose" Unique Personality in the Room

Industrial bedroom design is one way to arrange a bedroom that can show your unique personality and character.

Industrial interior style is no longer something foreign. Industrial-style interiors are generally applied to spacious housing. The interior that is identical to the atmosphere of a warehouse or factory and iron and concrete material has a masculine and cold impression. This masculine industrial interior design is often used for interior design and cafe architecture, restaurants, and office interiors. Not only suitable for family rooms and kitchens, this industrial style can also be applied as a bedroom interior. The appearance is unique, modern, and has a strong distinctive character, making this design always give its own impression.

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design Ideas How to Expose Unique Personality in the Room - source: Cathy Poshusta GRIT Polish

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design Ideas How to Expose Unique Personality in the Room – source: Cathy Poshusta GRIT Polish

Lovers of industrial style certainly can also bring this style to be applied to spaces in the home, including the bedroom. With the arrangement, use of colors, lighting, and the right choice of ornaments, industrial style can make the bedroom feel more comfortable and very personal. The following interior design can be tried in your bedroom.

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design Ideas How to Expose Unique Personality in the Room

Industrial Bedroom Interior Design Ideas How to Expose Unique Personality in the Room

To present the style of industrial interior design in the bedroom, to personalize the private area to make it look more authentic and unique, note the following:

Expose, Ways to Design Industrial Bedrooms

Industrial itself is a design that focuses on exposure to building structures such as pipes, wood or steel, ceilings, etc. In addition to openly displaying building structures, industrial style is also synonymous with exposure to building materials, such as highlighting cement, brick and / or wood.

Although each material is deliberately displayed to show its original character, there are also those that show a different look. The use of bright colors that are similar can also be used to give a strong industrial impression. You do this by painting bricks of the same color but brighter.

To get an industrial-style exposed bedroom, you can start from the room wall. Let your walls look rough with exposed brick or rough cement without plaster. However, if you want to get a neater and firmer industrial impression, repaint the cement wall in gray. Ash is the favorite choice for the appearance of an industrial style room.

Floors Are Suitable For Industrial Bedroom Designs

Industrial style tends to use dark colors as the main color scheme. And for the industrial-style bedroom floor, the gray cement floor is also the best choice. However, if the bedroom floor has been using ceramic tiles, you can work around this by installing plain gray carpet types, or you can also choose patterned strokes of cement and or wood.

Low Beds in Industrial Bedroom Designs

In other rooms such as in the kitchen or living room area, you can freely express your choice of industrial interior styles. However, it’s a little different if you try it for a bedroom room. In this very personal room, you have to display a rather soft indutrial atmosphere and nuance, aka soft. As we know, the main function of the bedroom is the area for sleeping and resting. Therefore, the bedroom should be designed soft and comfortable as a place to rest. Industrial decoration that can be applied to the bedroom is to use a low bed. The low bed, creates a simple, neat, warm and comfortable feel.

Furniture & Ornaments in Industrial Bedroom Designs

One of the biggest advantages of using industrial interior design styles is; budget-saving decoration. To achieve the appearance of an industrial-style room you simply rely on a little creativity and the spirit of “DIY” changes the furniture and items that are not used by the re-cycle or up-cycle method. You can create used pipes into a unique industrial-style shelf. Or brick or brick into a table. Or other DIY ideas. With that, you can have a unique, personal and economical form of furniture. As the final touch of an industrial bedroom sweetener, you can add ornaments to the bedroom area. Bring sweet wall decorations, such as paintings, photos or inspirational quotes. In addition, the presence of plants such as cactus and lighting from hanging bulbs are also able to become unique ornaments that will beautify industrial-style bedrooms.

In addition to an explanation of how Industrial Bedroom Design; How to “Expose” Unique Personality in the Room, we will also share some descriptions of the interior design of the bedrooms below:

Interior of the Industrial Bedroom Dominates in White

If in general the interior of an industrial bedroom is dominated by gray or brown, the design of this room is actually dominated by white. Although different, the distinctive features of the industrial interior. Starting from the exposed brick walls, to the spotlights on the bed lined up.

Industrial bedroom interior with wooden pallet bed

This industrial-style bedroom interior looks comfortable even though it is only small in size. Exposed concrete walls and wood floors are quite commonly found in industrial bedroom designs in general. The uniqueness of this industrial bedroom lies precisely in its bed which is made from a arrangement of wooden pallets and the symmetrical carpet placed.

Industrial bedroom interior with wood material and air duct pipes

The interior of an industrial bedroom is an adaptation of the interior of a factory or warehouse. No wonder you will often find air ducts in the industrial interior.

This one bedroom does not look masculine like an industrial bedroom in general because it is dominated by wood material on the ceiling, floor and furniture. Look beautiful, huh?

Happy decorating...